Theme of loss

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Theme of loss

Edit In fact, Frodo BagginsGandalf the Greyand Aragorn each in a remote way embody one of the three aspects of Jesus Christ's ministry as priest, prophet, and king. Each also undergoes a kind of sacrificial "death" and rebirth.

The priestly role belongs to Frodo, and he is the sacrificial lamb of Middle-earth who bears a burden of terrible evil on behalf of the whole world, like Christ carrying his cross.

As Christ descended into the grave, Frodo journeys into Mordor, the Land of Death, and there suffers a deathlike state in the lair of the giant spider Shelob before awakening to complete his task. As Jesus bore the sins of mankind, Frodo bears a great burden of evil on behalf of the world, and as he approaches the Cracks of Doom the Ring becomes as much a crushing weight as the wood of the cross.

He carries the burden of the Ring as Christ carried the burden of sin. He too is a living sacrifice. Frodo's wound on Weathertop is a figurative of Christ's spear wound on the Cross.

Note that the wound on Weathertop Theme of loss inflicted by the Witch-kinganother Satan figure. Frodo's voyage to the west, like Gandalf's, is also symbolic of the Theme of loss. It doesn't take a biblical scholar to feel some similarity between Frodo's struggle to carry the Ring up Mount Doom and Christ's struggle to carry his cross to Calvary.

By the time Frodo reaches Mount Doom, he is so weighed down by the power of the Ring and despair over its destruction that Sam carries him and the Ring up the path to the Crack of Doom — shades of Simon of Cyrene bearing Jesus' cross to Golgotha.

Any parallel, intentional or not, between Frodo and Christ ends when Gollum attacks Frodo on the path in their second-to-last encounter. Gollum's effort to wrest the Ring from him re-ignites Frodo's will, showing how stern and powerful he has become under the Ring's influence.

In prophetic and commanding words, Frodo fends off Gollum, warning that if he ever touches him again, he will be cast into the Fire of Doom. Unlike Christ, who at the height of his trial on the cross submits his will to God's and commends his spirit into His hands, Frodo, at the climax of his ordeal with the Ring, exerts his own will first by choosing not to complete the quest, saying, "I will not do this deed.

One can only surmise that at that point Frodo is prepared to directly challenge the Dark Lord for the title of Lord of the Ring.

The idea that Frodo could best Sauron in a contest of evil, even wearing the Ring, is hard to believe. More likely than not, the Ring is simply using Frodo to get back to its master by revealing its whereabouts.

The great irony of this situation is that the moment Frodo feels as though he's finally mastered the Ring by claiming it and deciding against its destruction is precisely when the Ring takes completely mastery of him and turns his will into its will.

Frodo's failure at Mount Doom is the polar opposite of Christ's victory on the cross, wherein Christ masters his suffering and death by submitting his will to this fate.

When Jesus died, an earthquake occurred and did destroy things, same as Frodo, when he destroyed the ring; all the lands in Mordor did shake then finally destroyed including Mount Doom and the Eye of Sauron.

Samwise Gamgee is representative of Christ the servant. He is the "friend that sticks closer than a brother". He makes himself a living sacrifice as he aids Frodo. He is the meek one who inherits the earth in this case, the Shire. Gandalf is representative of the prophet, revealing hidden knowledge, working wonders, teaching others the way.

Evoking the saving death and resurrection of ChristGandalf does battle with the powers of hell to save his friends, sacrificing himself and descending into the nether regions before being triumphantly reborn in greater power and glory as Gandalf the White.

As with Frodo, Gandalf's sojourn in Middle-earth ends with his final voyage over the sea into the West.

The One Ring is a symbol of sin. It is the Forbidden Fruit that everyone wants; the "Precious" thing that no one who has it wants to give up, yet it enslaves and destroys anyone who has it.The most prominent themes represented in the story are Civilization and Human Nature, Loss of Innocence, Weak vs.

Strong, and Spirituality and Religion. Of the those theme the most important ones Civilization and Human Nature, and Loss of Innocence.

Theme of loss

Poetic Themes» Poem about Loss. Poem about Loss. Loss and Gain by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; Loss and Gain by Ralph Emerson; Nothing Remains by Sri Chinmoy; On Death – Kahil Gibran; Because I could not stop for death – Emily Dickinson; Who never lost – Emily Dickinson;.

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As he was inexperienced and had childlike thoughts and imagination, he was unaware of what situation he put himself in, which once again outlines the innocence of his youth.

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