The most memorable event during my ojt

My first week in OJT was a bit nerve-wracking but then again exciting. I miss the feeling that I was going to have this kind of activity. I am under the supervision of Ms.

The most memorable event during my ojt

During my On the Job Training I learned a lot. I learned how to communicate and understand well what is customer service specially in food and beverage department.

The most memorable event during my ojt

I became more responsible about regulations and follow every standard they have. I have realized that being punctual is more important than being industrious.

For showing that you have that eagerness in the job your in, is being like you owned it. Waking up early is just so hard to do, changing schedules from am shift to pm shift too.

I learned to boost my confidence and pay attention to attend guest needs. For they are the reason why a hotel is operating. In the beginning, working with people you have just first met is something different and something that is hard inside.

On my experience I have became an observant and a listener to the people I worked with. As days goes on, friendship and understanding with each other is built.

I have worked with different people with different kinds of attitude and behavior. One of the most kind I encounter is those who are jolly and friendly. They are the ones that will help you give your who you are. They will ask you many questions - personal, biodata, past experiences and they will also share some of theirs.

As a trainee you will never avoid those who are strict and what they popularly called kill joys.

The most memorable event during my ojt

They are those co-workers that is more of standard operations. The most memorable event during OJT. The most memorable event is the week until Christmas Party.

All staffs are in their like no once operating the hotel. Everyone prepare something as a production number but with a prize and we won the first place. All the staffs are happy and cooperates in every game organizers have held.

After the program we have the raffle. But after they announced we have something. What to recommend to improve OJT program I have only one thing to suggest in this training program.

They have this partnership with different hotels that they only allow their students to have their duties. Because some students have done their OJT in some not that in standard hotels or restaurants. Also for the sake of the University we have to provide this students the good standards that may improve all they have learned in school.The most memorable event during my practicum.

First on the student evaluation because that is an one on one interview with our supervisor. Of course i feel so nervous and i can’t speak well. OJT’s have always been one of the most enjoyable and exciting moments of college days. I’ve been through to a lot of great experiences in my days.

So OJT is over, but the learning experiences will continue. The most memorable event during my practicum Answer: The most memorable task for me during my practicum is when I was task to use the DOS command in clearing the files on the PC.

The most memorable event during my practicum The most memorable event during my practicum was the first day of my duty because it’s my first time to do a tasked in the real world of industry where I met those employees and I worked with them.

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Uploaded by. Sharyn Villarez. The most memorable event during my practicum The most memorable event during my practicum was during our first time to join our supervisors troubleshoot and .

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