The gebusi by bruce knauft essay

Lives Transformed in a Rainforest World Fourth Edition Bruce Knauft One of the most popular anthropological case studies published in the last two decades, the latest edition of The Gebusi incorporates important new fieldwork and includes Update sections at the end of individual chapters, bringing a riveting story fully up to date.

The gebusi by bruce knauft essay

Term Papers Tagged With: This community used to live in isolation in the western province of Papua Guinea. The most interesting thing about this community is the lifestyle they used to live even before colonialism took place.

Since they were uncivilized, most of their activities were purely traditionally. For instance, apart from the kingship type of leadership, this community was marred with numerous traditional beliefs and traditions.

The community had very strict penalties for persons caught violating any of the rules enacted by their traditional leaders. For instance, apart from embracing religion, the community was able to abolish some of the cultures that were inhumane Knauft, This is because they were forced to embrace new lifestyles by the whites who came into the country as either missionaries or colonialists.

Currently, the Gebusi community has become quite modern compared to the way it used be during the s when Bruce was conducing his research on this community. According to Knauftduring the s, this community used to practice traditions, some of which were quite inhuman. For instance, once a member of the community became sick, the community used to claim that the person had been cast a spell by a sorcerer.

This perception caused many people to be accused of witchcraft. According to Knauftpeople accused of sorcery were normally killed, cooked and eaten since they were equated to wild animals. In one incident, a man killed his half-sister on the spot after the corpse of his daughter opened its eyes and stared at her during a corpse divination event.

According to the community, this implied that the corpse was trying to communicate with the living whereby it pointed at the person responsible for its death Knauft, It is evident that many innocent people were killed on allegations of sorcery.

According to Knauftthe Gebusi community was located in a region that was infested with mosquitoes. Due to this, it is evident that these mosquitoes caused most of the sicknesses.

However, since the Gebusi were still illiterate, they were never aware of malaria, which is the most common disease caused by mosquitoes. Some of these inhuman acts were abolished during the s after the whites arrived in the nation.

The cases of killing people for allegations of witchcraft declined after medical practitioners arrived and taught them about malaria, the disease caused by mosquitoes.

Similarly, through missionaries, the community was able to change the manner in which they used to worship. During the s, the community used to worship their ancestors and spirits Knauft, This ended after the missionaries introduced them to Christianity. Similarly, during the s, the community used to practice ritual homosexuality whereby boys were made to suck the penis of elder men and swallow the semen Knauft, According to Knauft, it was believed that these rituals enabled boys to transform into mature adults.

Due to this information, it becomes evident that although there was a gradual change of lifestyle among the Gebusi community, it was not done in their own terms. This is because they received assistance from third parties who comprised of medical practitioners as well as missionaries and colonialists.

God and to aware of our eternal identity as eternal spirit souls who are who are a part and parcel of Religion Conversions According to Knauftin the s, the Gebusi community was fully engrossed in traditional believes.

In terms of religion, this community used to pay homage to their ancestors and other spirits. This community believed in the presence of spirits who were always watching over them.

The gebusi by bruce knauft essay

It is due to this that they usually gave thanks to these ancestors at least once in every eleven days Every Culture, According to the Gebusi community, these spirits assisted them in their daily lives. For instance, apart from aiding the Gebusi identify the causes of ailments, these spirits were also believed to identify sorcerers in addition helping the community in attaining successful hunting expeditions Every Culture, The community used to come together for the purpose of Kogwayay.

The gebusi by bruce knauft essay

This is the time when the community came together with the objective of laughing and telling jokes to one another Knauft, The worshiping of spirits began fading in the s when missionaries arrived in this community. Through missionaries, the community was gradually introduced into Christianity.

According to Knuftthe community was gradually taught about the Bible and a God who was not only omnipotent but also omnipresent and omniscient. Although the community was reluctant to embrace this sort of change, the missionaries finally managed to convert the community from the worshiping of spirits to believing in God.

In order to achieve this, the missionaries used the tactic of education. This is whereby they introduced formal education where they invited the community to learn and become literate Knuft, Apart from education, the missionaries used this opportunities to teach the community how to read and interpret the Bible.Papers of an American anthropologist, consisting largely of carbon copies of anthropological field notes taken by Bruce Knauft and his wife Eileen when they lived among the Gebusi people of Papua New Guinea from The Gebusi by Bruce Knauft In modern societies, problem solving is given great attention, vigor and innovation.

In Gebusi society, people frequently enjoyed a sleep of nine hours at night. The Gebusi: lives transformed in a rainforest world. [Bruce M Knauft] Home.

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How had the economic role of women in Gebusi culture changed on. The Gebusi Lives Transformed in a Rainforest World by avahuckerr (WorldCat user published about 2 weeks ago) Permalink Bruce Knauft’s The Gebusi Lives Transformed in a Rainforest captures his experiences in Papa New Guinea with a.

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