The differences of education between china and america

Developed Countries[ edit ] In developed countries, women are still underrepresented in science, technologies, engineering and mathematics.

The differences of education between china and america

One thing that caught my interest was the summer homework. I remember doing summer packets during elementary school, but then they stopped by middle school.

Except for the occasional summer reading assignment or AP course work in high school, I was walking into each new grade blind. I guess having that extra work to do over the summer better prepares Japanese students for what to expect at school.

There are a lot of good examples that the United States can follow to improve its education system. Anna Lombardo March 21, at 8: Personally I have never dedicated much time to expanding my knowledge of this subject, but I found it incredibly interesting to read.

One of the things that stood out to me was the fact that the years students spend in high school in Japan are comparable to the years that an American student spends in college! I had no idea what I wanted to do during my sophomore year, though given the choice between the humanities and the sciences I probably would have chosen the former.

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Savannah Boothe March 20, at 9: I honestly wish we had three semesters a year with three longer breaks instead of just two breaks with one being extremely long.

I feel like many students lose information they have learned throughout the year in the three month summer. It seems that holistically, Japan has bigger elementary school class sizes then America, but many school in America have extremely large class sizes, especially in the lower levels.

I have a seven year old sister in first grade who has a class of It also seems like a lot of the curriculum is similar between America and Japan, except for the language components.

I wish America implemented a language requirement in elementary, middle, and high schools. I think it could extremely beneficial to students. It is interesting that Japanese students seem to start truly learning their profession earlier than American students; most Americans have to get their bachelors degree, then move on to professional school, while the Japanese seem to jump in immediately to beginning their education for their selected career path.

I think it is very interesting to note all the similarities between the education systems, not just the differences that seem to be played up a lot by media and the world!

Kelly Whittle March 19, at 7: I liked learning about all the differences between American schools and Japanese. I had no idea that there were three semesters, and it makes me kind of jealous.

I feel as though we would benefit from a structure like that, because instead of losing half of what we learned over a 3 month summer, we could have a decent break of 6 weeks, but still come back and continue learning.

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I think it is really great too that Japan makes everyone finish elementary and middle school, and as you said, it has paid off by allowing Japan one of the highest literacy rates in the world. Some children get distracted easily, and with only 15 other kids around them, so I can not imagine what 39 other distractions are like!

I feel as though it would be incredibly hard to focus and provide attention for a group so large. It was really cool to read about how high school is basically like the first year of college in Japan.Differences between the U.S.

The differences of education between china and america

and Japanese Education Systems Deciding to attend university in America was a much bigger challenge than I anticipated. By Yumi Nakata May 6, 4 min read. 24 Funny Differences Between China and the United States by Peter Wang · It is always interesting to discover and study differences of cultures of different countries, you will always find interesting things and get shocked by surprising facts.

differences in the legal education systems of the two countries and our teaching methods for bridging that gap, not because we believe the U.S. legal education system is . The Comparison of the Education’s Results between China and America Different results of education are due to different aims, methods and concepts, the educational result show some obvious different.

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Differences Between US and China Business Etiquette. Understanding Chinese culture is about more than just understanding the language.

With a history of customs and traditions rooted in thousands of years of history, China has built its own unique and vastly differentiated business culture that at once integrates Western influences while fiercely preserving its own unique perspective.

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