Should cell phones be banned in schools

Updated by Grace Chen Listen to both sides of the debate to decide if cell phones should be allowed or banned in public schools.

Should cell phones be banned in schools

Mobile phones - both good and bad! On the one hand, it is good that children are easily able to contact their parents, which results in parents feeling like they are releasing their children into a safer environment.

However, other people say that phones can become a distraction if used inside the classroom. In contrast, other research shows children without access to mobile phones do not necessarily do worse in tests. Similarly, mobile phones have also been linked to life-saving incidents in school.

In a serious incident occurred on a school field.

Should cell phones be banned in schools

A child was badly injured and it would have taken minutes to get back to the school to make a call. However due to one of the students having a mobile phone, the head-teacher was called immediately and the emergency services had been contacted within seconds.

Therefore, in some cases, having mobile phones could actually save lives.

Should Cell Phones be Banned in Schools?

Many parents give children mobile phones to keep them safe when walking to school. As a consequence, however, there have been many accidents involving children and cars whilst the youths are listening to loud music on their phones.

Therefore mobile phones have their advantages and disadvantages. We have decided as a class, that overall we feel the benefits outweigh the downfalls. We will be continuing to allow mobile phones in our school - with the understanding they should not be used in the classroom without teachers' consent.Listen to both sides of the debate to decide if cell phones should be allowed or banned in public schools.

As students in public school today are exposed to endless technological advances, the use of cell phones seems to be an often ignored modern-day issue.

However, by , 50 percent of the schools in the study had decided to ban cellphones. And in , 98 percent of schools weren’t allowing cellphones on school campus. Cell phones should be banned in schools because they distract students, allow cheating in Schools, and they can be dangerous. Cell phones distract students in .

They opine that cell phones should be allowed in the school campus and the students should be told to keep the cell phones in their lockers.

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Before they enter the classrooms, they should be checked thoroughly because students have devised new methods of carrying the cell phones in the classrooms. Students will not feel like they are completely banned from cell phones, but will be taught how to use them in a responsible way to make learning more fun.

A concern individuals have presented against the usage of cellphones in schools is increased cyber bullying. Exam scores climbed by as much as 6% in schools that imposed strict bans on cell phones, according to a new study that cautions policymakers to keep strict cell phone policies in the classroom.

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