R a 9163 and r a 7077 essay

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R a 9163 and r a 7077 essay

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Classification of Selected Registrants. The acceptance board shall then classify them into the following categories: Students who successfully complete such training shall be exempted.

Those who fail to complete, or discontinue the training, shall be subject to training; 3 Seminary students of any religious sect shall be granted deferments for not exceeding the prescribed course in the seminary. Those who complete the course shall be exempted from training.

R a 9163 and r a 7077 essay

Those who fail to complete shall be subject to training; 4 Cadets of the Philippine Military Academy and of other military or police service academies, local or foreign to include cadets of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy and other similar local merchant marine academies duly recognized by the Government for the training of officer candidates, including those selected for cadetship in such academies, shall be granted deferments for not exceeding two 2 years.

Appeal from Decision of the Acceptance Board. The Secretary of National Defense shall be accorded the right to enjoy the right to be heard by himself and counsel and to present evidence in his behalf. The decision of the Secretary of National Defense or his duly authorized representative shall be final.

Expenses of the Acceptance Board. The nature and amount of such expenses shall be prescribed by the Secretary of National Defense.

The members of the acceptance board shall not receive any salary or compensation for their services in the board. They shall be entitled to receive allowances as the Secretary of National Defense shall prescribed. Final Acceptance by the Board. Those selected shall upon instruction report to the designated military camp of unit for training.

As such, they shall be assigned to key positions in the affiliated units where they are employed and called to active service with these units once they are activated. In the case of private employment, payment of basic salary during such military training. Upon termination of his military training, he shall resume his former position or, if not practicable, he shall be assigned to a new position without diminution of his pay discharged from such training or service; otherwise, his record of dishonorable discharge from military training or service shall be taken into account as to whether or not he should be reinstated to his former employment.

Draftee Training and Service. Registrants will be selected for draftee training and service in accordance with Sections 14 to 26 hereof.

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A draftee may volunteer and be accepted for an extension of active service of not more than twelve 12 consecutive months, after which his services as draftee shall be terminated. A draftee during the period of his active duty service to include the extension of such service is entitled to receive all the pay and allowances due his grade as received by any member of the regular force: Retention for Maximum Hospitalization.

During the period of hospitalization, he shall be entitled to subsistence allowances and hospitalization benefits as are available to the members of the regular force who are patients armed forces hospitals. Basic Citizen Military Training.

R a 9163 and r a 7077 essay

The Secretary of National Defense shall prescribe the course of instruction. The course of instruction shall include, among others, subject on moral virtues, patriotism, discipline, support for and adherence to the Constitution, and respect for the right of civilians.

These training centers shall form part of the reserve component organization of the major services and shall be referred to as citizen military training centers. Where a change of training center is necessary to provide the requisite training, the commanding officer of the training center shall be authorized to issue the necessary orders covering his transportation and provide the funds for the purpose: The program of instruction shall be prescribed by the Secretary of National Defense and may include instruction to prepare female students for military service: The allocation of ROTC units to the various majors services of the AFP shall conform to the projected manpower needs of their respective reserve components.

The student volunteer shall be physically examined for fitness for training and shall further be made to execute in writing a testament that he volunteered for training of his own volition. Reserve officers in the active service as well as qualified enlisted and officer reservists in the inactive status shall be given priority to handle training instruction and to assist in the administration and shall be entitled to receive honoraria and other allowances as the Secretary of National Defense shall prescribe.

Such appropriations shall provide for the full funding support for advance ROTC only. The school of the student may not be required to spend any amount for the establishment, operation and maintenance of ROTC training: The advance ROTC cadets shall each be provided free two 2 suits of fatigue uniform with headgear, belt and one 1 pair of combat boots for the duration of the training.

Elected Officials and Presidential Appointees. The ranks to be awarded shall be from private to sergeant or its equivalent:M a r iss O G od R. the water in sufficient quantity flows in them throughout the year) since they receive the snow melt runoff in summer.

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