Preventing workplace discrimination simulation

Drug abuse problems can become a big problem in a company setting. To eliminate hiring someone with drug problem, the company should give all new hires a drug test and include random drug screening into their employee handbook. This way the employee knows that they can be tested at any time and will not be able to claim discrimination they are tested positive and are fired from it. Companies should have a zero tolerance on drug use, if an employee is suspected of being on drugs, they should be tested and let go if it is an illegal.

Preventing workplace discrimination simulation

Forward-thinking employers who implement workplace ethics policies are usually well-prepared for the potential conflicts of interest that arise due to the diversity of opinion, values and culture in the workforce. However, handling ethical issues in the workplace requires a steady and cautious approach to matters which can potentially be dangerous or illegal.

Know the Law Research federal, state and municipal labor and employment laws pertaining to whistleblowing.

Preventing Workplace Discrimination -Simulation- - Research Paper

Under the Texas Whistleblower Act, for example, public-sector employees may be entitled to damages if an employer engages in retaliatory actions based on an employee who, in good faith, files a complaint related to workplace ethics.

The Act grants "[a] public employee who claims that his suspension, termination, or other adverse personnel action was in retaliation for his good faith reporting of violations of the law the right to sue for damages and other relief.

Workplace Issues Pregnancy Issues in Law Enforcement. One of the most frequent questions we receive at the National Center for Women & Policing is from women officers who are pregnant and trying to find out what other agencies are doing on issues of pregnant officers. Simulation participants rotate among six learning stations that simulate various language-related tasks similar to those encountered in the classroom and workplace. A station leader guides participants through each task. Preventing Workplace Discrimination Simulation. Preventing Workplace Discrimination Simulation a. What are some measures a company can take to reasonably accommodate people with disabilities, or those with a known drug problem, and how does the simulation demonstrate these?

Incorporate the policy into your performance management program to hold employees accountable for their actions and alert them to their responsibilities to uphold professional standards throughout their job performance and interaction with peers and supervisors.

Revise your employee handbook to include the policy and provide copies of the revised handbook to employees. Obtain signed acknowledgement forms from employees that indicate they received and understand the workplace ethics policy.

Train Your Employees Provide workplace ethics training to employees.

Preventing workplace discrimination simulation

Utilize varied instruction methods to engage employees in learning how to address and resolve ethical dilemmas. Experiential learning, or role-play, is an effective way to facilitate workplace ethics training.

Preventing workplace discrimination simulation

Consider whether your organization also needs an ethics hotline, which is a confidential service employees may contact whenever they encounter workplace dilemmas that put them into uncomfortable or threatening positions.

Be Fair Apply your workplace policy consistently when addressing workplace issues and employee concerns about workplace ethics. Use the same business principles in every circumstance, regardless of the perceived seriousness or the level of employees involved.

Communicate the same expectations for all employees — whether they are in executive positions or front-line production roles — and approach every issue with equal interpretation of the company policy.The American with Disabilities Act was passed in for the purpose of preventing discrimination against people with disabilities in the workforce and in businesses and other places that are open to .

12 Signs of Age Discrimination in the Workplace - Many employers give their older employees poor performance reviews several months prior to firing them in order to protect themselves from a wrongful termination lawsuit. WORKPLACE DISCRIMINATION 3 employee of counseling services. If the alcoholism continues, the employer must give the employee a “firm choice” between treatment and discipline.

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This preview has intentionally blurred sections%(17). South Africa's Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act (PEPUDA) is even more specific. This act prohibits what is known as "hate speech," as well as discrimination against race, gender or sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, and language.

College Classroom Activities This page contains a variety of classroom activities that explore prejudice, discrimination, and social justice topics. The activities follow the order of topics in Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination but can be used with other books as well.

Sexual Harassment training continues to be an initiative among many small businesses and corporations to orient employees of different genders and various cultures and .

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