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Law enforcement is a rewarding profession. He grew up going to the parks with his parents and continued his love for the outdoors into adulthood, when he served as a climbing instructor and rafting guide. Park Ranger John Craig While hiking in the Grand Canyon for his 30th birthday, he realized that he could get paid to do the very activity he did in his free time. Like many veterans before him, he found success in transitioning from the military into law enforcement with the NPS.

Park ranger

They have been the subject of an extensive plan to revitalize scrub habitat. This also helps other less common species such as eastern indigo snakes and gopher tortoises.

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Park rangers at this national wildlife refuge have a variety of roles ranging from educating visitors on the wildlife and plants, to providing emergency medical services when needed.

They work closely with the scientists who carry out the habitat restoration plans at the refuge. The rangers have also prepared interpretive panels for the boardwalk and Oak Hammock and Palm Hammock Trails. The manatee observation deck at Haulover Canal is another place where visitors benefit from interpretive displays.

Habitat Management at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Park rangers at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge work with biologists who actively manage both the uplands and wetlands to ensure that the wildlife in the refuge have access to high quality habitat.

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Rescuing Sea Turtles — Park rangers are called to act in times of crisis. Occasionally when the temperatures become too cold, sea turtles become immobile and helpless.

This happens frequently enough that there is a rescue procedure manual. In Januaryover 2, sea turtles were rescued from Mosquito Lagoon. Staff at the wildlife refuge used airboats to rescue turtles that had floated to the surface. Ninety-five percent of them were endangered green sea turtles.

The most pervasive plant is Brazilian pepper. Biologists at the refuge use chemical and mechanical means to control these exotic plants.

Personnel at the refuge use heavy equipment to remove overgrown oak trees, pine trees, and cabbage palms to restore the scrub habitat for Florida scrub jays.

Then, they frequently carry out prescribed burns to add nutrients to the soil and remove the undergrowth.

Requirements to Become a State Park Ranger in Florida

The park is world famous for its surfing, which is among the best on the East Coast. It is also the premier location for saltwater fishing on the east coast of Florida. Visitors also take advantage of the three miles of beaches and the Hammock Trail.

The site is rich in history and is home to a museum that commemorates the survivors of the wreck of the Spanish Plate Fleet in Even today, people still come to the area to try to salvage riches from the sunken ships.

Park ranger

Another museum in the park depicts the fishing culture of the early families in Sebastian. The park rangers of Sebastian Inlet State Park have a number of roles at the park ranging from interpreting the natural and cultural resources of the park to helping with the management of its natural resources, including rare wildlife.

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Rangers also lead tours of the Indian River Lagoon by kayak. Visitors can rent kayaks or bring their own. The park rangers also train volunteers to be tour guides. The operation of both the Sebastian Fishing Museum and the McLarty Treasure Museum are designed to educate the public and enhance their appreciation of cultural and natural diversity in the area around Sebastian Inlet State Park.

Removing exotic plants and animals from the park is a long-term project. Park rangers are trained in the prescribed fire programs that are used to manage ecosystems. There are two emphases of prescribed burns in Sebastian Inlet State Park.Park rangers, or forest rangers as they are sometimes called, have some of the coolest jobs around.

They get to work outdoors, mingle with park guests, find lost hikers, lead tours, provide information to visitors, investigate complaints, and lead those really fun sing-a-longs around the huge campfire down at the amphitheater.

Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 4 for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC! Pinecreek Hills just keeps getting better. Help Rangers protect Animals and Visitors, maintain and clean up the Park, spot Wildlife.!

Texas park rangers work in some of the most scenic environments in the state. Unfortunately, drug runners, human traffickers, and general unruly members of the public also tend to frequent these areas.

Park Ranger Careers. Park rangers form the thin green line that ensures state parks, national historic sites, protected areas and wildlife refuges can be .

National Park Service Rangers are among the uniformed employees charged with protecting and preserving areas set aside in the National Park System by the United States Congress and/or the President of the United all employees of the agency contribute to the National Park Service mission of preserving unimpaired the .

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