Nursing evolution essay

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Nursing evolution essay

See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Abstract Nursing research has a tremendous influence on current and future professional nursing practice, thus rendering it an essential component of the educational process.

This article chronicles the learning experiences of two undergraduate nursing students who were provided with the opportunity to become team members in a study funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research.

The application process, the various learning opportunities and responsibilities performed by the students, and the benefits and outcomes of the experience are described. The authors hope that by sharing their learning experiences, more students will be given similar opportunities using the strategies presented in this article.

Nursing research is critical to the nursing profession and is necessary for continuing advancements that promote optimal nursing care. Throughout the 21st century, the role of nurse has evolved significantly. Nurses work in a variety of settings, including the hospital, the classroom, the community health department, the business sector, home health care, and the laboratory.

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Although each role carries different responsibilities, the primary goal of a professional nurse remains the same: Baccalaureate programs in the United States prepare students for entry-level nursing positions.

The focus is to care for individuals throughout the human life span. Knowledge is acquired from textbooks, classroom and Web-based instruction, simulation, and clinical experiences. The goal of all programs is for students to graduate as safe, entry-level professionals, having received a well-rounded exposure to the nursing field.

Students are exposed to evidence-based nursing practice throughout their curriculum; however, the allocated time for nursing research is often limited.

Nursing evolution essay

Many programs require only one 3-credit hour course for nursing research. This amount of time is limited, despite the broad spectrum of nursing research and its influence on current and future nursing care. Research is typically not among the traditional responsibilities of an entry-level nurse.

Many nurses are involved in either direct patient care or administrative aspects of health care. Nursing research is a growing field in which individuals within the profession can contribute a variety of skills and experiences to the science of nursing care.

There are frequent misconceptions as to what nursing research is. Some individuals do not even know how to begin to define nursing research. According to Polit and Becknursing research is: Only with exposure and experience can students begin to understand the concept and importance of nursing research.

As a part of funding for the study, which was an AREA award Academic Research Enhancement Award, R15 mechanismthere were designated opportunities for student involvement.

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The primary aim of the research study was to investigate the effects of gene-environment interactions on risk factors of preclinical cardiovascular disease in a cohort of young adults who all had a positive family history of cardiovascular disease i. Specific genes examined included cytochrome P, family 1, subfamily A, polypeptide 1; cytochrome P 2A; glutathione S-transferase mu 1; and glutathione S-transferase theta 1.

Cardiovascular-dependent measures were diastolic blood pressure, endothelium-dependent arterial vasodilation, left ventricular mass indexed for body size, systolic blood pressure, and total peripheral resistance. The effects of ethnicity and gender were also explored.

Learning Opportunity The learning process began with the principal investigator M. This particular student group was chosen due to their academic standing because they would have the chance to take full advantage of learning directly from a nurse researcher for one full year before graduation.

The principal investigator briefly presented and discussed the growing field of nursing research, the advancements made by nursing research, and the critical role of nursing research to nursing practice.

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The principal investigator also presented an overview of the funded research study and extended an invitation to students to apply for two part-time positions on the grant that were designed specifically for nursing student involvement.

Students recognized the excellent opportunity and were intrigued with the future possibilities. They understood this option was unique and appeared to be a great pathway for becoming an active participant in learning the nursing research process through involvement in an official nursing research study.

The principal investigator established objective criteria for the application process.Evolution of Nursing Care Nursing as a profession has changed over the years.

The Importance of Nursing Research

Being a nurse in the s as compared to nursing as it is today is enlightening to say the least. With over 60 majors and programs, Eastern offers courses of study for almost everyone. Faculty engage students in learning through innovative uses of technology and hands-on experiences in the classroom.

Over The Years Nursing Has Evolved History Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers.

Florence Nightingale, a significant figure in the development of nursing, showed the importance of nursing to the military during the. The Evolution of Diet.

Nursing evolution essay

By Ann Gibbons. Photographs by Matthieu Paley.

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