My trip to delhi

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My trip to delhi

Caduto il I Compagni Del Rione Not only is the plaque quite small, but it is also mounted high up on the wall between a barred window and a small mailbox.


There are bigger, brasher, more luminous things to look at in Bologna. But I was suddenly taken by this young man. Who had died during the second world war.

And was some kind of partisan. Who was Walter Stefani, I asked the lady who manned the hotel reception. She shrugged her shoulders. He must be one of the boys the Germans shot during the war she said. So I googled him up. One Walter Stefani was a writer from Vicenza had just died recently.

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And another Walter Stefani was a plastics entrepreneur. And My trip to delhi I finally found him. There is precious little about Walter Stefani available online.

And the little there is mostly in Italian. Running the handful of sources through Google Translate tells the story of a simple man who went out in a blaze of heroic glory.

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Walter Stefani was a young man who was a fan of Bologna FC in his childhood. It is unclear what this means. Regardless Stefani was associated with the club when it was going through its brightest patch. They became national champions twice in the late s. And then after the establishment of the Serie A, they won four more times before the onset of World War 2.

Stefani was a delivery boy or a bellboy, or both, at the outbreak of the war. Then on the 1st of Mayhe joined one of the many Italian resistance groups that sprung into action following the armistice between the Kingdom of Italy and the Allies. The Germans responded to this perceived treachery on the part of their erstwhile allies by turning on Italian troops and eventually invading and occupying Italy.

All over the country resistance and partisan groups began to sprout up and engage the Germans.

My trip to delhi

Bologna became one of the main cauldrons of this resistance and witnessed some of the most significant engagements between German troops and resistance fighters anywhere in Europe. And as the Allies took Rome and marched northwards, these resistance fighters were further motivated to do their part in undermining German resistance.

Stefani himself joined one of the most storied partisan groups that functioned in the Emilia-Romagna region around Bologna. The charismatic Musolesi had put together the brigade from a ragtag group of fighters with diverse political beliefs and even some Allied POWs who had been freed from captivity.

Attached to a tank regiment in the British 8th Army, Sad Singh had been captured by the Germans during the Allied invasion of southern Italy.

Perhaps he fought shoulder to shoulder with Walter Stefani. This was precisely where the Red Star Lupo fighters were ensconced.

The Germans knew they had to neutralise the partisan and resistance fighters in order to keep their lines intact.

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But what they eventually carried out was nothing short of a war crime: The extreme violence against the people of the region employed by Nazi Army, the complicity of local Italian fascists and the role played by the partisans have been transformed into a collective public myth: Instead, he was captured and taken prisoner.

Then on 20th September Stefani along with ten other prisoners were taken to a shooting range on the Via Agucchi, to the northwest of Bologna not far from where the airport is located today. Twenty-five year old Walter Stefani was executed. Four days later a local newspaper reported his execution and declared that all eleven victims had confessed to acts of terror against German soldiers.

Today there is a plaque outside a house on a narrow little alley in Bologna that reminds us of the supreme sacrifice young Stefani made for his country and his beliefs.Delhi Food walks takes you on a fun filled walking food tour in Delhi, India to delight your taste buds with the street food in famous and unsung places across Old Delhi.

Hop on to enjoy the food of Delhi with sightseeing and be lost in its culture and heritage. If you're visiting Delhi on business or pleasure, but have a busy schedule, then Delhi Magic tours are perfect for you. Delhi has a lot to offer to visitors whether it's shopping, sightseeing, dining, or experiencing the unique culture of this city.

Squeezing it into a business trip is not easy but with Delhi Magic, you can now have the pleasure of a customized tour, at your convenience. Contributed by A Burmese Abroad. India was once on my travel wish list until I finally managed to strike it off a few weeks ago.

During my trip, I spent 10 days mainly in the state of . We have planned Shirdi trip and my friend has suggested Sairam Subhayatra. Very nice tour arrangements and well planned and executed. Thankyou, Sri Sairam Subhayatra and special thanks to .

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