Mines by susan straight author report

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Mines by susan straight author report

European and Asian countries also contribute significant numbers. Only 4 out of 10 undocumented aliens cross the border illegally or enter without inspection.

Six out of ten undocumented immigrants enter legally—as visitors, students, or temporary employees—and become illegal by failing to leave when their visas expire.

These people entered the country legally, have documents, and have been in contact with INS. Countries of Origin of U.

Of the countries sending legal immigrants to the U. In7 of the 10 countries were European, and Canada was also on the list. In6 of the top 10 sending countries were Asian. Canada no longer appeared, and the only European country on the list was the Soviet Union, principally because of its refugee flow.

Europe, which accounted for two-thirds of legal immigrants in the s, added only 15 percent in the s Figure 5. The increase in Asian immigration has been the most dramatic, up from 6 percent in the s to 45 percent in the s.

Mines by susan straight author report

Latin America's share of legal immigrants increased from the s to the s, but not since then, although the absolute numbers have continued to increase.

The changing countries of origin are reflected in the changing composition of the foreign-born population Figure 6. Although the largest number of immigrants living in the U.

Large numbers also come from Vietnam, China, Korea, and India—each contributing about half a million to the foreign-born population. The top 10 countries accounted for 65 percent of the legal immigrant flow inbut only 52 percent in Table 3.

And the number of countries with at leastforeign-born residents in the U. In44 percent of the foreign-born had come in the previous 10 years. Inthe share of immigrants who had arrived in the previous decade was only 29 percent.

The recent entry of so many immigrants tends to make foreigners more visible and distorts perceptions of how well immigrants generally are adapting to the United States. In fact, both English language ability and incomes tend to increase with time spent in the country. Inmore than 85 percent of the U.

Bythe white, non-Hispanic share of the population had dropped to 75 percent. The black share of the population, 12 percent, has not changed much over the century.

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Both the Hispanic and Asian populations increased dramatically. The Hispanic population increased numerically fold to 22 million inor from 0. A fold increase in Asians to more than 7 million raised the Asian share of the total U. Immigration affects the racial-ethnic composition of the U.

Both the increased immigration and higher fertility rates among Hispanics and Asians have contributed to their increased shares of the population. Immigration's influence will continue to be felt on the U. Finally, it is important to note that the geographic origins of immigrants cannot simply be extrapolated into race and ethnic groups, because there is substantial racial diversity within regions and sometimes countries.

For example, 14 percent of the U. Of all immigrants from Latin America, 86 percent consider themselves Hispanic. At the peak of the previous wave, about 57 percent of the foreign-born population lived in six states. Seventy-six percent of all immigrants entering in the s went to only six states: An even larger share 85 percent of undocumented immigrants lives in these six states.

But although the share of immigrants going to other parts of the country remains small, the large and growing numbers of immigrants overall means that less-traditional gateway states and cities are also receiving increasing numbers of immigrants and acquiring sizable foreign-born populations.

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Massachusetts, for example, has over one-half million foreign-born residents, close to 40 percent of whom entered between and Who Governs the Globe? lays out a theoretical framework for understanding and investigating governors in world politics. It then applies this framework to various governors and policy arenas, including arms control, human rights, economic development, and global education.

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