Master thesis rwth architekturzentrum

Research Papers and Theses Research papers and projects are a mandatory component of courses of study. Typically, these papers and projects are completed at a research institute in the faculty or faculties offering the course of study. It is possible to complete a paper or project at an external institution.

Master thesis rwth architekturzentrum

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Sep ; Supervised by Prof. Thomas Rose ; Advisor s: Thomas Osterland In the context of Industry 4.

master thesis rwth architekturzentrum

Just imagine an autonomous vehicle that offers commuter services against payment. The electric vehicle has to pay tolls, requires energy from charging stations and employs washing services from time to time.

Considering all entities in this process as agents that can interact and carry wallets, one can easily envision a machine-to-machine economy. Technical agents decide what tasks to conduct regarding costs, capabilities and earnings as illustrated by the demonstrators of Smart Replenishment Box and Smart Vehicle Control1.

Bachelor Posted on Apr ; Supervised by PD Dr. Christoph Quix ; Advisor s: Christoph Quix Master Measuring coherence accross media in learning environments Posted on Sep ; Supervised by PD Dr. Marc Spaniol Multimedia content based indexing delivered a lot of models for the analysis of multimedia materials.

In modern educational platforms, e. MOOCs and self-regulated learning platforms. In consequence, multimedia materials are produced by educational designers but also by the learners during their learning processes.

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Coherence is a semantic measure for the local and global connectivity of e. Computer linguistics has provided impressive results for measuring the quality of writing, e.

To measure the coherence of multimedia materials many computational methods reaching from natural language processing to machine learning needs to be combined in a common coherence model.

Goal of this master thesis is to co-develop a coherence model for cross-media coherence and to prototypically combine these computational methods for a webinar. Bachelor, Master Posted on Stefan Decker ; Advisor s: Several further optimizations of the algorithm are possible.

The student working on this thesis will experiment with different optimization possibilities and analyse their effect experimentally. For a master thesis, further theoretical analysis of the optimizations and the original algorithm are necessary. Mining maximal frequent patterns in transactional databases and dynamic data streams: Information Sciences, a Master Posted on May ; Supervised by PD Dr.

Ralf Klamma, AOR Goal of this thesis is an integration of post-mortem community data dumps with the MobSOS real-time community information systems success awareness framework.

Master Process Interaction across Blockchains Posted on Nov ; Supervised by Prof. Combination of different application specific blockchains and registry of services governed by blockchains Master Process model-oriented creation of smart contracts Posted on Aug ; Supervised by Prof.I also hold Master degree in Computer Science from the RWTH Aachen University (my master thesis was in the final round of the David Kopf prize competition for the best master/diploma thesis in Germany) and Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering (with a minor in Applied Mathematics) from the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv.

How to reach us by car. Interchange Aachen A4 direction Heerlen/Antwerpen. Exit Laurensberg direction Aachen/Zentrum.

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Directly after the tunnel exit at “RWTH Melaten”. RWTH Themen Architecture & Science Candide - Journal for Architectural Knowledge Series A - Annual Report of the Faculty of Architecture, RWTH Aachen University.

Student projects. The results of the seminar "Sourcebooks, Mindmaps, Grids" were many-faceted and matched the variety of individual approaches that are used for the architectonical design process.

master thesis rwth architekturzentrum

Bachelor Thesis Master Thesis Project Work F1 [] Fähigkeit von BLE-Beacons und Maschinellem Lernen zur Lokalisierung von Bauteilen in der Einzel- . The design proposed by Kornelia Keil is about connecting contemporarily intersected parts of Woolwich. The arrangement of the landscape elements shall create the feeling of immersion and surfacing again when moving through the landscape that is composed by them.

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