Market segmentation for the cosmetic industry

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Market segmentation for the cosmetic industry

Determine whether your products have potential for use in healthy ageing or to reduce stress and anxiety. Use this in your marketing and communication. Find out if your natural ingredients can be used as alternatives or supplement to antibiotics.

This depends on their antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities. Study scientific articles for references, such as this example that discusses the antibacterial activity of 14 essential oils. Growing markets for alternative medicines and food supplements The healthy-living trend and growing awareness of natural ingredients has led to a growth in consumption of food supplements and herbal medicinal products, and use of aromatherapy.

Demand for food supplements is strongest in western Europe, in particular in Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. Persistence market research expects the East European food supplement market to grow stronger than in western Europe.

Supplements for overall health are increasingly popular in this region. Increase in consumption herbal medicinal products There is a strong market for herbal medicinal products in Europe. France is still the second largest market in Europe. In Eastern Europe, Poland is the main and growing market for herbal medicinal products.

Outside of the European Union, Russia is the main growth market. This interest is driving growth in the global market for herbal medicinal products, at 7. This growing interest has also increased demand for Ayurvedic ingredients, such as turmeric, ginger and neem oil.

Aromatherapy increasingly popular on the European market Consumers see aromatherapy products as milder and thus safer options compared to conventional medicine.

Consumer awareness about the side effects of conventional medicine is increasing, especially for strong medication taken over long periods of time. North America and western Europe are the two dominant markets, accounting for more than half of the global market.

The European aromatherapy market is strongest in Germany, France and Switzerland. Other large markets for aromatherapy include the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

In most markets, aromatherapy products are marketed by cosmetics, and covered by the cosmetic legislation. To both consumers and companies, large and growing amounts of information are available on aromatherapy and essential oils used for specific effects.

Some essential oils do not even need product claims and information because consumers already know or can easily find information on how and for what effect to use them.

Only make claims that relate to function for example relating to growth, development and functions of the body, psychological and behavioural functions and risk reduction for botanicals in food supplements.

Food supplements containing vitamins and minerals can make permitted health claims. Never claim that your ingredient prevents health issues if you are targeting the food supplements market.

Note that you are allowed to indicate that a certain species can help support health. Every EU Member State regulates the health claims for botanicals differently; harmonisation is not yet visible.

See our studies on specific products, such as mulberriescapsicumaloecurcuma longa, moringa and frankincensefor examples of claims of food supplements in Europe.

Cosmetics Market Size, Share, Industry Trends and Analysis

Use the claims that are mentioned in the European Pharmacopoeia, monographs or list entries if you are targeting producers of herbal medicinal products. See trade press and news sites such as Nutra Ingredients and Nutraceuticals World for more information on trends and developments.

See our study on aromatherapy products for more information on the European aromatherapy market. See our tips for finding buyers and our studies on market channels and segments and buyer requirements for more information on how to enter the market.

Healthy aging, sports and weight management continue to be strong product categories Food supplements for healthy aging continue to be in strong demand.

Market segmentation for the cosmetic industry

A survey from Vitafoods among nutraceutical industry professionals placed these products in the top three most important health benefit areas for their companies, together with digestive health and general wellbeing. Consumers are looking for products that allow them to remain active as they grow older.

An older population is driving demand for mostly natural products, targeting joint and bone diseases. Consumers are looking for products they can use regularly on a long-term basis, and perceive fewer side effects of natural products compared to conventional medicines.

Other popular indication areas include: Weight management supplements also continue to be popular.Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) Market size valued at over USD 7 billion in and the industry will grow at a CAGR of % up to when polyvinyl acetate application is expected to surpass USD million; growing application in construction and packaging is driving the VAM industry growth.

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