Haves have nots

The series follows the complicated dynamic and contrasting lifestyles between three families: On the surface, the Cryers are the enviable face of success and wealth but the family's dysfunction threatens to destroy their world of privilege. Cryer family patriarch, Jim Cryer John Schneider is a powerful judge whose penchant for high-priced escorts puts his family and political ambitions at risk.

Haves have nots

A major reason for Jim's rising to where he's at professionally and socioeconomically is because of his wife Katheryn's family. Although a kind-hearted and sensitive man at heart, Jim's urges, vices, greed, and self-preservation often get the better of him and cause him to act rashly, disloyally, destructively inconsiderate, and even abusively as far as his rank and power.

Given his position as a wealthy judge in high society, Jim has certain dirty measures at his disposal from which to gain the upper hand on anyone that crosses him. Jim often uses the catchphrase "I'll handle it" as a signal of his taking to such measures.

His wife is all too well aware of his power to gain the upper hand and fight dirty, sometimes even instructing Jim to resort to his foul play tactics by telling him to "handle it. Although they're moves that are devoid of all scruples, he has typically only used them as scare tactics unless gravely offended by an act.

These drastic lengths Jim has gone to typically call for the bringing in of reinforcements and people who owe him debts; for example, he has a history of setting his secret army of thugs "The Malones" in action so as to get his way in particularly trying circumstances.

Jim has a gruffabrasive nature about him and can be headstrong and obstinate in getting things done. Highlighting Jim's dirtiness, he has knowingly covered for his son Wyatt's constructive manslaughter of a 6-year-old girl and serious injury of Haves have nots son Benny.

All the while doing this, he contemptuously informed Hanna of his intentions of being Haves have nots as to Wyatt's culpability in the matter; he then followed this by having Hanna falsely arrested and jailed. Jim is also philandering and two-timinghaving a long, elaborate history of cheating on his wife.

However, they present themselves to the public as having a strong and loving marriage. No sooner than they're left in private, however, do they both shift into their surly attitudes towards one another, exchanging sardonic remarks between each other.

Among the many women Jim has had affairs with is Candace. Out of all the women he has had affairs with one of which was his own employee, Celine Gonzales, who wants him backJim finds himself most intrigued by Candace, acting with reckless abandonment in his extramarital affairs with her.

Jim is incorrigible and always seems to submit to his vices and negative ways. While Jim is harsh and rough in his parenting of Wyatt who seems to have the scruples that his father lackshe's more gentle and tactful in his parenting of his daughter Amanda, because of how "fragile" he perceives her to be.

It is later revealed that Jim has two more children with Celine, a grown son named "Carlos" and a 7-year-old boy named after Jim. Despite his anger at Hanna, after she puts him in his place, he does allow her to comfort him after he breaks down in Amanda's room.

Much later, Jim finds out that Veronica Harrington had Wyatt raped in prison. Thoroughly enraged after his confrontation with her husband, David, Jim orders a bloodbath, with Officer Terrell, Professor Cannon Amanda's rapistand Veronica being the targets of his latest revenge.

Katheryn often displays her anger, hatred, bitterness, and stress in a suppressed but still very detectable fashion. She is filled with melancholy, rancor, and sullen indignation primarily as result of the various trials and tribulations brought upon her as it relates to her family, particularly her husband.

Due to Katheryn's overwhelming stress, un-forthcoming nature, and tendency to hold her feelings in, she has been known to express herself in ways that are unhealthy, passive-aggressive, at times even volatile and explosive.

Her reputation in the community has been a major reason for her restraint and unhealthy expressions of pent-up rage. A prime example of this is in Katheryn's attempts to keep her bout with breast cancer away from everyone.

As a result, she was constantly snapping on her maid, Hanna, but once she finally opened up to Hanna about what was going on, the two developed a close bond. An heiress, Katheryn was born into one of Savannah's oldest and wealthiest families, considered to be old-money her father was also revealed to be an alcoholic during an argument with Jim.

Very intuitive, she always has some idea of what's going on without things being directly revealed to her, especially with regards to her close friends and family.

At the same time, Katheryn often feigns ignorance to certain matters that she's well-aware of. As an example, she once secretly revealed to Hanna that she only remains married to Jim as part of one big passive-aggressive scheme to make his life more miserable.

She well understands that her family and she herself keep a lot of secrets from each other, largely due to their very public position in high society.

Katheryn has two best friends: This is despite Katheryn discovering that Hanna's daughter is Candace, a fact that Hanna herself revealed to Katheryn.

Moreover, Katheryn remains unaware that Veronica had her son raped in prison, however when Katheryn does find out about Veronica revolting act, she decides that Veronica should be afraid of her by shooting DA Jennifer Sallison right in front of her and then taunting her mind games of who she really is, thus potentially destroying their relationship.

Haves have nots

While Katheryn is discontented in her dysfunctional family life and particularly her marriage to Jim knowing all too well of his many affairsshe often doesn't let on as such.

Rather, she's two-faced, acting romantically content and loving with Jim when around strangers but bitter and saturnine with Jim when in private. Much of her discontentment, sullenness, and pessimism stems from Jim's constant adultery ; her battles with breast cancer ; and the sexual abuse of her children and their resultant corruption.

Katheryn has an inclination to refer to Jim's long line of mistresses by the numerical and chronological order in which Jim has messed around with them as opposed to their given names, passive-aggressively highlighting her contempt.

She greatly despises Candace, whom she calls "Nine," because of the upheaval Candace has caused with her affair with Jim and her friendship with Amanda.

She also has sheer animosity towards her other employee, Celine whom she calls "Four"due to her past affair with Jim and also for the disrespect that Celine shows towards Hanna.

Unlike Jim, she was much harder on her now-deceased daughter Amanda, but more gentle and tactful with Wyatt, though she will not tolerate his more extreme behaviors.

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Because of her position in high society and connections with people in power, Katheryn is more than able to help friends in need, such as her best friend Hanna.

Almost two years after losing Amanda to suicide, Katheryn had almost lost Wyatt to his own demons.Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots is a compelling new drama for television created by writer and director Tyler Perry.

It's the story of the rich and powerful Cryer family, who reside in the southern Georgia town of Savannah, and the delicate existence of the hired help who work in .

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Haves have nots

With the winter of poised to be one baseball’s most exciting — and lucrative — offseasons of all time, it is a. TMZ reports that Owens will recur on OWN's show The Haves and the Have Nots. During Owens' viral moment, The Haves and the Have Nots creator Tyler Perry tweeted "#GeofferyOwens I'm .

Sep 07,  · Geoffrey Owens is returning to prime time in the wake of a recent job-shaming rutadeltambor.com Cosby Show vet has joined the cast of the OWN drama The Haves and the Have Nots .

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