Explore some of the ways in

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Explore some of the ways in

Find short, relevant quotations to illustrate the above. Language used to describe the dream -Look closely at the way the dream is spoken about by the characters, or by Steinbeck -List quotations from the novel when the way characters talk about the dream seem particularly noticeable.

For example, think of the sorts of words used, the way Steinbeck captures accent and dialect and the structures used.

List the moments when others are affected bu the dream. Section 3- Candy seems really desperate to join the dream in order to escape ranch life, this shows just how harsh ranch life is for him and and how lonely it is too. Candy is attracted to the power of the dream.

List any features of language that you can identify here. Consider the effect the dream has on others behaviour For candy it gives him the confidence and a new found self respect also it has helped him to a new found companion-ship.

For Lennie, being able to tend the rabbits is all he thinks about so when this idea is challenged he takes it more to heart than George and his behaviour changes from innocent and sweet to slightly aggressive.

For George, it helps him to escape the harshness of reality for a moment when he is thinking about the dream, it helps to keep him motivated to work for the money needed for the dream to take place.

It also shows that Lennie and George gain pleasure from just thinking about the dream.

Explore some of the ways in

George and Lennie are discussing how lonely ranch workers are and the fact they just work until they get paid and they move on; this leads on to the lead up the dream about how George and Lennie will be together.

Find Short Quotations to reflect the progress of those ideas in the novel, and list any features of languages that you can identify here e.

You could comment on the way the mood associated with the dream alters as the novel progresses.How do scientists explore the solar system? What unmanned probe has visited Saturn?

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Explore some of the ways in

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