English as an official language for the us essay

Canadian lawmakers have labored to make clear that theirs is a bilingual nation, ensuring that everything from cereal boxes to highway signs are written in both French and English. Except, that is, in the predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec, where English has been eliminated from most officially sanctioned language. In Israel, the Academy of the Hebrew Language creates new Hebrew words and rules on spelling and grammar.

English as an official language for the us essay

Con English should not be the official language of America! It's good for people to try to learn so it won't be challenging but learning a new language should not be forced.

Chinese and Spanish are the primary languages spoken now, China is the USA's source of trade almost everything that we own is "made in China. Everyone came in speaking a different language and we can see this everyday subways,buses,airplanes Learning a new language is extremely beneficial now, you become more wanted since you can communicate with OTHER people.

You are wanted more in business or international business related jobs because maybe the person you want to do business with speaks a different language.

I think that if we made English the official language we would be disregarding all the other languages spoken in America, thus provoking violence. It will be much harder to promote peace and harmony while trying to restrict people by what they are speaking and by what they are doing.

However, Chinese and Spanish are not the primary language in America. Also, almost everything is made in China but not written nor spoken in Chinese. If we will base the question, "if English should be the official language in USA" from the products that is mostly use, then it will not be reasonable for the country to be called America for most of the things used in US are made in China.

It is the same logic as having English as an official language of USA; for people do not rely on the quantity of the products that is used in a certain country to determine whether if English must be the official language of America.

Yes, America is founded by immigrants and it is well respected. Yet, does it mean that Americans must speak multiple languages since there are multiple immigrants who founded America?

No, because having an official language, which is English, is one of the best and clearest way to unite the country.

Learning another language is not prohibited and yes is very beneficial, but having a single official language which is English, is more beneficial because it will unite the whole country.

It does not promote violence. How can uniting by the means of having an official language create violence? How can uniting means violence? Yes it never said that unity can create violence, but having English as an official language can lead to violence is not true. Having an English as an official language will ease the whole country by providing a better communication, that can lead to a better nation.

Report this Argument Con English is one of the primary languages used but now other languages are catching up. The Spanish language is the second most used in America http: America is the most multilingual country and having a set language does not make sense. American is a melting pot having many different languages, cultures and people.

Having so many languages and traditions will mesh and transform into a new social and cultural form.

English as an official language for the us essay

Having an legitimate language would "omit the addition of additional elements of other cultures dilute the cultural "melting pot" that is the United States. If there was an "Official language" the government would want to find another excuse to make something else "official," and this could lead to a corrupt government.

It will also "shrink the liberties the nation was founded on. People have learned to communicate by other means rather then the language itself. Cavemen had no official language and were able to communicate just as well.

Many of us use hand gestures, people that are not able to hear use hand gestures and mouth movements as well. Giving someone something or doing something for them is another form of communication, but that doesn't mean touching people should be the "official language.

They have the choice to move here in America and therefore must abide the rules of learning English. The same thing as how other people learn the official language of country they choose to live on. It is not to stop people to learn new languages.

It is to implement a more discipline way to communicate. An individual can still use their own languages or learn new languages, but must know that English must be learnt in America where most people speak in English.

It is not fair to any country to learn other language just for the sake of immigrants to understand them. Also, knowing English is not necessary to be perfect but at least enough to be able to communicate well.

English as an official language for the us essay

If the government seeks for another thing to make an "official" because of making English an official language, then it is acceptable as long as that "official" thing is beneficial for the society like English as an official language.Nov 24,  · Opposing same sex marriage essay thesis remi brulin dissertation helpWriting an essay on global warming for and against essay ppt slides lse dissertation referencing an article i hvalfiskens bug og andre essays coca cola product life cycle essays online outcasts united essay movie genre essay tu peux toujours essayer in english my state kerala.

This case study examines the idea of declaring English as the official language of the United States, considering issues of language planning, national identity, Constitutional rights, education, financial costs and minority group rights.

The case uses readings covering these issues as well as U.S. Census Bureau data to help define who does and does not speak English and the.

Today I found out the United States doesn’t have an official language. President Theodore Roosevelt stated in , “We have room for but one language in this country, and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, of American.

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S.I. Hayakawa’s introduction in of the first bill ever introduced in Congress. It may be a surprise for many people, but among the fifty or so countries using English as their official language the USA is not listed.

The USA does not have the official language at all. The USA does not have the official language at all.

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