Decriminalisation of politics in india

Contact Us Search After 60 years of India's independence the lives of commoners is far worse than under Britishers. The benefits of independence have reached only few, thus creating islands of few ultra rich people surrounded by vast sea of utterly poor. The rich people in nexus with those in power are getting favourable laws enacted to suit their ends. Those in power are shamelessly enjoying 5-star luxuries all at tax payer's expense, while more then 50 million are starving to death.

Decriminalisation of politics in india

Nature, Causes and Recent Developments Article shared by: Nature, Causes and Recent Developments! At present we very often come across the words criminalisation of politics. The meaning of the term is quite known to educated people and newspaper readers.

For academic purposes a definition is to be given here. When politics or political power is used by self-interest-seeking persons for pecuniary gains or various other advantages such as to get special position in administration or to rise to the higher stage of administration which is normally not feasible.

So criminalisation of politics means to use politics or political power for nefarious gains. To gain something not legal or normal has been called crime. Here the word crime is used in politics in special sense. For example an officer in administration wants to be promoted to higher post.

Decriminalisation of politics in india

But this is not his due. He uses politics or political power to achieve this. But the matter does not stop here. The person who helped to get undue privilege will again use this person tor the achievement of his purposes which are, in normal course, not due.

This is the policy of give-and-take and this happens behind the curtain. Hence we find that political power has been or is being used by some persons for the attainment of undue privileges and when this is rampant in the arena of politics we generally call it criminalisation of politics.

To get undue favour through the use of political power is a crime. The term crime means an action which constitutes a serious offence against an individual or the state and is punishable by law.

Hence gaining something by the use of political power is a crime and is also punishable. The use of politics or political power is not something new. Even in ancient Greece politics was used by people for personal gains or for rising to a higher stage of power. The misuse or abuse of political power greatly pained Greek philosopher Plato BC That is why he thought of a philosopher-king and introduction of communism in property and family.

He meant that the members of the administrative class will have no private property and family.

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He also thought that if the king is a philosopher he will feel no personal attachment to property and wealth. Plato built up this model for the construction of his ideal state. Our point is the mismanagement of the contemporary city-states which were democratic pained him. Rousseau was a great admirer of democracy, but he was quite apprehensive of its real existence.

He thought that people are corrupt and this will lead to the fall of democracy. That is why we find him saying: So perfect a form of government is not for men. Some people earned property and built up wealth through unfair means and this created un-equalities in wealth and power.

So wealth was used to get patronage in political arena and political power was also used to get wealthy. Causes of Criminalisation of Politics: The most important cause of criminalisation of politics is the unholy nexus between politicians and bureaucracy.

Politics and Nation

From the s, however, individual bureaucrats came increasingly to ally with individual politicians or political parties. When the party they allied with was in power, they get the best postings. This undesirable and dangerous relationship between bureaucracy and political leaders opened the door of criminalisation of politics.

The great founders of Indian nation-state thought of an independent bureaucracy. But within two decades of freedom their hope and dream shattered. Both came to an understanding to help each other and this led to the criminalisation of politics.

The interference of politicians in the administration may be regarded as another reason of criminalisation of politics. Buch has highlighted the consequences of this politicisation of the administration. The way the government is now run means that the disciplinary hierarchy of the civil services has completely broken down.

Most of the politicians of modern India interfere with administration in one form or another.India as a part of the world system cannot stay outside It.

Naturally outside forces must influence India’s economy, politics, social system and administration. The regulatory commission will enable the state authority to have a clear knowledge of the prevailing situation.

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Senior advocate Meenakshi Arora, appearing for the poll panel, referred to the reports of the Election Commission and the Law Commission on decriminalisation of politics and said these were out way back in and respectively, but no action was taken by the government. FOUNDER, SWARAJ INDIA POLITICAL PARTY Many people will be disappointed with today’s judgement, but I think the Supreme Court has actually done the right thing.

Somehow, everyone is convinced that preventing the candidate from contesting election when they have charges against them is the right way to prevent criminalisation of politics. Homosexuality or homosex between two adults with mutual conscience is legal in India effective from 6th September On 2 July , in Naz Foundation v.

Govt. of NCT of Delhi, the , in Naz Foundation v. Govt. of NCT of Delhi, the Delhi High Court held that provision to be unconstitutional with respect to sex between consenting adults, but the Supreme Court of India .

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