Cuny essay questions

Grading Rubric Essay Questions 1. That so many high schoolers are forced to read it would suggest that it does, that it is well-designed to provide some kind of instruction. But, then, what is its message? What is this book attempting to teach us?

Cuny essay questions

The midterm consists of two essay questions on each author. You will answer one question on each author. One question of each pair is general.

The other question consists of a significant quotation from the novel; you will identify who said the quotation and discuss its significance—e. The quotation is one we discussed in class. All the sample student answers received a grade of A. The students show familiarity with the novels, persuasively support their thesis with a closely reasoned and well organized argument, and have really thought about the novels they even make points which were not covered in class.

The essays are not perfect, however; there are a few errors or misstatements. I am interested in your thinking about the novels, not in hearing my opinions repeated--or what you think my opinions are. There is no One Right Interpretation. Notice that the two essays on Emma contradict each other, as do the essays on Wuthering Heights.

Write an organized, clear, correct essay. Refer specifically to the novels but do not retell the story. General Questions Emma Charlotte Bronte said that Jane Austen presents "the surface of the lives of genteel English people curiously well" but that "passions are perfectly unknown to her.

Sample student essay 1.

Cuny essay questions

They are more heavily masked, more delicately expressed and, perhaps, owing to the particular characters, more or less intensely felt, depending on who is involved. Passion if it exists at all is subdued and very controlled.1. Practice writing a “what” essay regarding the following questions: Describe a project or activity that required a serious commitment from you.

1. Does Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter have a moral? That so many high schoolers are forced to read it would suggest that it does, that it is well-designed to provide some kind of instruction.

Essay contest intended to promote and stimulate thinking by college students at CUNY about the topic of ethics, morality, and virtuous behavior in their lives.

$1,, $ & $ awards respectively. The first essay was distributed by the instructors a week before the exam day. The second, shorter essay was given to students the day of the exam. Instructors may wish to assign the readings at the bottom right, labeled "In Class Practice Exams," for which only the first essay may be accessed online.

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The City University of New York, or CUNY, has developed its own test for students planning to attend their university.

It’s called the CUNY Skills Assessment Program. Students can demonstrate that they’re capable of doing college level work at CUNY by achieving threshold scores on either the ACT, the SAT, or the NY Regents Exam.

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