Application of information technology in retail information technology essay

The study was conducted to understand the behavioural intention of mobile banking usage of Indian customers. Research methods like the Factor analysis and a multiple regression analysis were done in order to determine the extent of impact the antecedents have over the behavioural intentions of mobile banking usage. The results of the study showed that other than the traditional variables like Perceived Usefulness and Perceived Ease of Use, factors like Perceived Image, Perceived Value, Self Efficacy, Perceived Credibility and Tradition all significantly affects Behavioural Intentions towards mobile banking usage.

Application of information technology in retail information technology essay

Review of Articles and Explanation of Their Relevance to the Project A thorough research was conducted for existing literature on IT usage in the construction industry from various databases such as Business Source Premier, Emerald Fulltext and Science Direct as well as published books and an internet search on various search engines.

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In a research on the technology readiness TRI of managers of Malaysian firms, the writers acknowledged the need of the construction industry to grow faster than the national economy in order for developing countries to experience substantial growth.

Jaafar et al, For this accelerated growth to occur in the construction industry, ICT was identified as important in increasing the productivity of that sector. The research measured the propensity of the managers of construction firms to embrace and use new technology.

The results showed that Malaysian contractors have high level of technology readiness though they were considered to be followers of in the use of ICT and not leaders. They also realised that larger firms used and saw more opportunity in the use of ICT than smaller firms. A survey by Sharshar and Isikdag to assess the awareness and use of ICT in the Turkish construction industry also revealed a similar situation as that of Malaysia.

Larger organisations in general used software packages that were similar to those in Europe whereas smaller organisations had less ICT consciousness.

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The findings also revealed that the automation of certain processes were not a priority in the industry because of the cheap workforce in that country. Lack of trained staff also resulted in the under utilisation of most of the infrastructure available. In line with research conducted in this part of the world, a research was carried out in Brunei by Seyal et al.

The results showed the level of usage was similar to that of Singapore and Turkey. In Hong Kong, a survey was carried out on the use of information technology by quantity surveyors.

This study centred on the daily use of IT, the information flows among business partners, the use of computer software and hardware, the perceived advantages of IT applications and the amount of investments into acquisition of IT infrastructure as well as training and management support.

The findings of the study showed that the use of IT applications in the quantity surveying companies was very limited and that training in this area was also inadequate due to cheap labour and a high turnover.

A research was carried out on the acceptance and adoption of e- Commerce in the Western-Cape Province of South Africa by Cloete et al, The aims of this research were to find the perception of the benefits of e-Commerce, the acceptance of e-Commerce and the level of e-Commerce usage in small businesses in South Africa.

Some of the benefits identified were the accessibility to international markets and the improvement in information exchange with customers and suppliers.

The results showed that compared to the global usage of e-Commerce, South African small businesses had not adopted the existing technologies to a level that promoted survival in a swiftly changing environment.

Similarly, a survey carried out into the state of ICT in the Nigerian construction industry revealed that full potential of ICT was not being fully exploited.

Application of information technology in retail information technology essay

The research surveyed professionals from the architectural, engineering and quantity surveying bodies and revealed that certain activities like drawing, preparation of bills of quantities and engineering design had been computerised but data and document management were not computerised.

Also, e-business had not been embraced by the professionals. An interesting paper by Jimba on information technology and underdevelopment in the third world suggests that the adoption of information technology is detrimental to these countries and businesses because they will be using their meagre resources to purchase expensive IT infrastructure thereby widening the poverty gap.

But he goes on to add that these economies still have to be encouraged to employ some form of IT or else be exposed to the worst forms of deprivation. Another interesting research carried out on the relationship between IT investment and productivity of the company showed that productivity levels of companies fall as the level of investment in information technology increases.

The explanation given to this inverse relationship was that as firms invest more into IT there is a greater need for harmonisation between different activities and systems across all areas of the organization. It is in this vain that industries like the construction industry in countries like Ghana must adopt the use of ICT.

Wells, in her paper on the construction industry in low income countries with the main focus on Kenya and Tanzania identified that in recent times focus has been more on the construction industries of developed nations and less on developing or low income countries mainly because construction is usually connected to economic development and development in these countries have been stagnant o in some cases have declined.

Development and Underdevelopment Theories Walt W. According to him, growth and development to economic maturity would follow through the following stages: It is one which structure is developed within limited production functions based on pre-Newtonian science and technology and pre-Newtonian attitudes towards the physical world.

Such a society is characterized by a limited level of productivity, pre-occupation with agriculture, a social structure with slow or no mobility and a value system that evolves on fatalism.

The dynasties in China, the civilizations of the Middle East, and the world of Medieval Europe are typical examples. The Preconditions for Takeoff. This is the traditional era which society prepares itself or is prepared by various forces for sustained growth.

Economically, the significant changes are the development of extractive industries, increase in agricultural production, and building of social overhead capital as part of increases in total investments.

Socially or politically, a new and more aggressive leadership arises and a strong sense of nationalism develops. This pertains to that decisive interval in the history of a society when growth becomes its normal condition.

It is characterized by: The Drive to Maturity. This is the time when society has reached the stage of developing a range of modern technology for the harnessment of its resources.This research paper presents a report on applications of information communication technology in internal communication processes of a business organization.

The writer will analyze how Vodafone Group Inc., uses ICT to implement two of its important internal communication characteristics. This advancement of technology provides the importance of information technology into a greater value. As historical events speak, information technology is a vital element in any development in terms of trade and commerce, defense and culture.

Essay on Integrating Information Technology Into Business Operations - Operating any business without the application of information technology in the modern business world is actually impossible.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. Information Technology is a developing technology that aims at obtaining the maximum information with minimum of resources, labour or time. As retail businesses increasingly expand their business models to include multiple channels of customer contact, they will require the flexibility offered by solutions such as SAP for Retail to manage and administer all the information from one central database.

Information technology has rapidly changed the way operations are being managed in the retail industry. Better inventory management, sales forecasting, supplier integration, quelling theory and capacity planning are some of the benefits that are being enjoyed by managers who have implemented modem information technology systems.

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