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Terminology[ edit ] By some, especially in the media, the terms used in the debate are seen as political framing:

Anti pro

It's unfair to restrict a woman's choice by prohibiting abortion. So says a generation that has grown up immersed in an ocean of abortion-rights thinking.

Anti pro

In a society controlled by bumper-sticker slogans, what can be said in response to the fact that opposition to abortion is routinely framed as opposition to "a woman's right to choose"?

For starters, we should try applying the pro-choice logic not just to abortion but to other moral issues. When I present the prolife position on college campuses, I often begin by saying, "I've been introduced as being anti-abortion, but I want to make clear that I'm really pro-choice.

I believe a person has the right to do whatever she wants with her own body. It's none of our business what choices she makes. We have no right to impose our morals on Anti pro.

Whether I like someone's choices or not is irrelevant. She should have the freedom to make her own choices. I have sounded tolerant, open-minded, and fair. Then, having won over my audience, without warning I say this: That's why I believe every man has the right to rape a woman if that is his choice.

After all, it's his body, and neither you nor I have the right to tell him what to do with it.

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He's free to choose, and it's none of our business what choices he makes. We have no right to impose our morals on him. Whether I like his choices or not is irrelevant. He should have the freedom to make his own choices. What's wrong with my logic? I ask them to show me the fallacy of the "it's his body and he can choose what he wants" argument.

So what you're saying is, it's not always right to be pro-choice.

Anti pro

It's wrong to be pro-choice when the choice involved seriously hurts another person. I respond, "So what you're saying is, if I can show you that abortion hurts another person, in fact kills another person, you would no longer be pro-choice about abortion. Of all the smoke and mirrors involved in pro-choice rhetoric, perhaps the biggest and most important obstacle we can get around is the myth that it is inherently virtuous to be pro-choice.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Sometimes being pro-choice is downright reprehensible. All laws impose a moral viewpoint and restrict the individual's behavior. This is true of laws against drunk driving and child abuse.

Laws against false advertising restrict a businessman's right to free speech. Laws against discrimination infringe on the freedom of choice of those who would treat minorities unfairly. Is an innocent person being damaged by a woman's choice to have an abortion?

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