An analysis of different character traits inpeople

The top 10 words to describe Japanese people according to foreigners Aug. All people form opinions about places and their inhabitants based on whatever they can glean from the food, tourism, and art of the culture. But not all sweeping generalizations have to be mean and unfounded.

An analysis of different character traits inpeople

That is, an author may embed the fact that a given character l-c1 is "spindly-legged" in an overall context of additional details X has loads of money, but buys his clothes at from the Salvation Army, skimps on food, etc.

In the same or another story, the author could fill out the overall portrayal of a character who is "stout" as "self-indulgent" not prone to refuse a meal -- or, alternatively, as someone who is "stubborn" hard to budge.

But -- and here is the key point -- 1 in neither of these cases is the physical trait itself a character trait. In fiction, as in real life, we may just as well encounter a spindly-legged person who is sympathetic and generous or who is a marathoner in training.

An analysis of different character traits inpeople

Nor should we be surprised to come across a person who is stout who is also very firm about giving into his appetites, or who is extremely pliable, even wishy-washy, ready to be persuaded of one thing one minute and of its contrary the next.

Finally, 3 when there does turn out to be a symptomatic or a symbolic connection between a physical trait and a character trait, this will be available to be appreciated because the character trait in question is independently testified to by additional evidence.

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If, in real life, a person who is suffering from gangrene turns out to be "morally rotten," it will not be because gangrene is the expression of moral rot whatever that may be in a particular instancebut because we have good i. In fiction as in life, maybe he is just a conscientious automobile mechanic or a Sunday gardener taking some well-earned recreational relief from the stresses of his job as a salesman!

We should be alert to the possibility that in fiction, as opposed to life outside it, details are often deployed in these additional signifying ways.

But we should always be mindful of the fact that whether, in a given case, they indeed are functioning this way depends on the the implications of other details within the story as a whole.

An analysis of different character traits inpeople

There is another way distinct from symptomatically or symbolically in which physical traits can be relevant to character traits.

What might these be? Can you imagine vastly different outcomes of an "unsuccessful struggle"? Doing so will require you to imagine in specific terms what exactly this "struggle" would consist in. Note, though, that taking clear stock of these matters of motivation which might have an important bearing on plot development requires us in the first instance not confuse physical traits with character traits.

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Before we can appreciate how a physical trait might contribute to the formation of a character trait we would first have to have them clearly in mind as distinct from each other! An analogous series of points can be made about the conceptual distinction between social traits and character traits.

But this they can do only in virtue of the fact that they are not identical with each other. This is one of those situations, with a piece of technical vocabulary, where we have to take care not to let the language we inherit from our language community mislead us! It turns out that not all traits that attach to a character a fictional personnage qualify as what we call "character traits.

The traits that are not properly speaking character traits may, however, relate in one or another important indirect way to character traits. Why these distinctions are so important to keep in mind Thinking of a physical feature or of a social attribute as a character trait will block important potential insights, because doing so makes it impossible to ask how the physical or social trait in question contributes to, or reflects if it doesthis or that personality trait.Different emotions came easier for some individuals than others.

I estimate I will master the technique for all six patterns in a relatively short amount of time simply by practicing. the actor can discover new meanings and experiences for the character.

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