A comparison of the films the great gatsby by jack clayton and the great gatsby by baz luhrmann

THAT seemed a little pointless and stupid. Though lets be honest, by the time Eclipse was published, Breaking Dawn could have been written in crayon and covered in dog shit and still made Ms.

A comparison of the films the great gatsby by jack clayton and the great gatsby by baz luhrmann

Fine Art Photography and Paintings: Representing Myrtle The photograph below is an image by famous photographer Cindy Sherman. She is well known for her conceptual portraits, often shooting photos of people in situations we wouldnt see, or wouldnt think were going to make successful images.

She always tells the truth with her photography. She has often been known for shooting images of women in society, raising a lot of challenging questions about how women are and should be seen.

I think not only the image makes me think of Myrtle, but so does the background behind Sherman's take of women in society - because this is an important factor that Fitzgerald was trying to get across in his novel.

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Solent Library I chose this image as a reference to Myrtles character for many personal preferences, such as the posture, the makeup and hair and the attitude of the model. The body language of the model isn't completely facing you, showing that the woman is guarded and uninviting.

She also has an expression that tells me she is shocked, but shy, which I see in Mrytle's character within references to scenes such as her being hit by Tom and when she says "You can't live forever!

The woman is unattractive, looks quite messy and lower class, but still has the sense of sexual being looking at the type of corset she is wearing and that she is exposing her upper body.

However, despite all of this she is very closed off with her body, which makes me think of Myrtle because she is referred to as a woman with a "thickish figure" - therefore embarrassment comes to mind when looking at her posture.

The woman is wearing an outfit that clashes with the wallpaper behind her, showing her sense of styling isn't up to scratch, again making me think of Myrtle and her lower class dress sense. The cone-breast part of the woman's top half links with the idea of prostitution, and her face shows she is pouting, which gives off the impression that despite any self-consciousness she is still trying to be sexy.

Another strong image that reflects the emotion and mood of Myrtles character. Her, we clearly see a sad woman.

A comparison of the films the great gatsby by jack clayton and the great gatsby by baz luhrmann

She looks desperate, looking directly at you with eyes of pain and sadness. She has clearly been crying, with the marks of mascara stained on her face. Although I cant see for sure, it would seem that her other arm is across her body, showing she is guarding herself, or protecting herself from something.

Her hair and makeup is a mess, clearly stating that she is experiencing something physical and emotional at that moment in time. The background is plain, showing the attention all focused on the model. However, her clothing is yellow, which suggests happiness, which could tell us that this women is a happy person, despite the pain she is clearly experiencing now.

Her shoulder is bare, giving off provocative connotations, but we can clearly see that she is covered in bruising. Obviously, she has experience some form of an attack.

From this, I get the impression that she links to Myrtle with a sense of heartbreak. Maybe she is looking for something that she cant find? Maybe she is in love with the wrong man? Both things that Myrtles character is familiar with. This image is available at: The above image is by photographer David Lachapelle.

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The image represents pain, confusion and destruction of love and greed. The set up shows a complete shambles, possibly representing the life style of someone who is desperate for love.

The colours are vibrant, making the image attention seeking and drawing you in to the mash up of props. There are various of models, each sitting in strange set ups. For example, there is a baby holding a gun wearing a crown, suggesting to me that its trying to show the idea of destruction and power.The high-profile, big budget American adaptation The Great Gatsby of the same-titled novel by F.

Scott Fitzgerald bombed when it was released in Jack Clayton directs a star-packed cast and uses a script by Francis Ford Coppola written a few years earlier.

A comparison of the films the great gatsby by jack clayton and the great gatsby by baz luhrmann

The Great Gatsby Penguin Books’ gorgeous new Art Deco editions of rutadeltambor.com Fitzgerald’s novels. Find this Pin and more on print by Alex F. A rundown of the best vintage-style book covers available to buy The Great Gatsby book by F Scott Fitzgerald.

The Great Gatsby suffers a bit from a confused point of view. When the camera lens is trained on Gatsby's beautiful objects, I suspect we're supposed to respond the hollow allure of materialism. When the camera lens is trained on Gatsby's beautiful objects, I suspect we're supposed to respond the hollow allure of materialism. Oct 29,  · KLF: Which Great Gatsby adaptation is your favorite, and what makes it so? CG: That’s a difficult question, because I believe that both Jack Clayton’s film, with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, and the adaptation by Baz Luhrmann, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan, each have their merits. "The Great Gatsby" follows Fitzgerald-like, would-be writer Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) as he leaves the Midwest and comes to New York City in the spring of , an era of loosening morals 49%().

The box office action this summer will be triggered more by superstars than superheroes, contrary to recent history. And the studios have created and endured some messy budgetary headaches and. To Jack Clayton (the director) Gatsby was a man who was trying to rise above his station, a no-no in British society.

Hence everything about the man and the parties he threw were crass imitations of what old wealth would do instead of being a story about a man who clawed tooth and nail to get everything he ever wanted except the one thing he.

Kazan was trying his best to serve the book. Confirming my worst fear, Luhrmann wants to give us not The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald, but The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann. And the last thing. Before watching this movie I spent the day watching a Fitzgerald biography special and the two Gatsby films previously made: the Robert Markowitz version and the Jack Clayton version.

They both followed the very same schematic path, the same way Fitzgerald intended.

The Great Gatsby and Baz Luhrmann’s Adaptation Techniques (Media Analysis Essay) – Maggie Stough