8 bags of gold problem

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8 bags of gold problem

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Thus the first weighing compares the bags in two sets of four, and reduces the field to four possible bags. The second weighing compares these in two sets of two, to identify two possible bags.

8 bags of gold problem

The third and final weighing compares these two remaining bags, determining which is in fact underweight. It can be done in 2 weighings The first weighing compares 3 and 3.

8 bags of gold problem

If the 3 and 3 are equal, you weigh the two originally left out and will get your answer. If the 3 and 3 are not equal you take the set of 3 that are lighter and weigh 1 and 1, leaving one out.

If the weighing is equal then the one you left out is the lightest.

Trying to lose ten pounds of weight this fast would mean that you would lose mostly water and muscle. When you come off of this type of dieting, the weight and muscle come back and sometimes more than you lost. A farmer has 9 eggs and thinks one is ligher than the other 8 if he used a balance scale to weigh the eggs only 2 different times how could he find the one egg that weighs less?

Put 3 eggs on one side of the scale and put 3 eggs on the other side of the scale. If the scale balances - you know the light egg is not one of the eggs currently on the scale. If the scale tips - you know the light egg is on the "lighter" side.

Since Step 1 will tell you which group of 3 the light egg is in If the scale balances - the lightest egg is in your hand. If the scale tips - you know the light egg is on the "light" side.

How much does one plastic bag weigh? How much does a used tea bag weigh? A uses tea bag will be heavier than an unused one because of theweight of the water. A used tea bag will weigh about six ounces. Steven has nine gold coins that are identical in appearance but one is counterfeit using a balance scale how can he find the counterfeit in just two weighings?

Weighing Problem - paraphrased: There are 10 bags of gold coins He made sure that each bag weighed exactly the same amount. The king then chose the eight people in his country whom he trusted the most, and gave a bag of gold to each of them to keep safe for him.

The idea is that the counterfeit coin is lighter than the others, but not different enough to find by hand. Divide the coins into 3 groups of 3.Eight Bags of Gold: Matthew for Children (Arch Books) by Janice Kramer.

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Write a review. See All Buying Options. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. out of 5 stars EIGHT BAGS OF GOLD. Place the bags 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 on one side of the scale.

Place the bags 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 on the other side of the scale. The counterfeit coins weighs.1 . ***Special Note: Another visitor, Jay, offers this solution to this problem. Perhaps an easier way to look at it?!

Read on and see what you think: 1. I would put one coin on the scale from one of the bags.

POW # Eight Bags of Gold - HTHI Math 3

2. If the change in weight on the scale is 10 grams, I 'd add a coin from another bag. 3. Luckily, your goldno.8 bag changes, too. Design your first bag, then update your straps and accessories as often as you wish. We sell all our parts separately, so you don’t have to invest in an entirely new bag to achieve a whole new look.

Gold coin weighs one gram, counterfeit coin weighs grams. You have 10 bags full of coins, nine of the bags are full of real gold but one bag is full of the counterfeit coins. Apr 17,  · Now, if 1,5,6 vs 2,7,8 does not balance, and 2,7,8 is the heavy side, then either 7 or 8 is a good, heavy pill, or 1 is a good, light pill.

For the third weighing, weigh 7 against 8.

PROBLEM STATEMENT Once upon a time there was a greedy king who owned all the gold in his land. He kept all the gold in eights bags. The king gave the eight bags to eight nobles whom he trusted a lot. POW # Eight Bags of Gold. 12/5/ Solution: Describe your solution to the king’s problem as clearly as possible. Then write a proof that your method will work in every situation. If you think that the king cannot find the lighter bag in fewer than three weighings, prove it. How do you know which is the fake bag when you have ten bags of 50 real gold coins weigh 30 grams the fake coins weigh 27 grams can only weigh once on a gram scale? Arrange all bags in serial and take one coin from first bag,two coins from second bag three from third bag and take from all ten bags and weigh. from the total weight we can .

Whichever side is heavy is the good pill.

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